What You Need To Know When Selling A House As Is

Selling a house as is
Do you want to learn more about the ins and outs of selling a house as-is..?

We’ll you’re in good hands! Here is Fit Guy Buys Houses definitive guide to sell your house as is. This guide will be filled with tips and actionable items that will help you get your home sold in its current condition.

Selling a house as isWhat Does Selling Your House As-Is Mean?

Selling your home as-is simply means that you are looking to sell the house in its current condition. This method of selling could be considered for a number of reasons. If you’ve inherited a house that you can no longer afford to keep, if you’re relocating and don’t have the funds needed to make necessary repairs, or if you’ve started making repairs and just want to be done with the house, are all reasons that you may decide to go this route. It is not uncommon to want to sell your house in this manner. Before you put your house on the market with an agent, decide to sell yourself, or sell to an investment company like Fit Guy Buys Houses, be 100% clear that you will not be making repairs to the property before selling.

Now that we’ve covered the definition and reasons for selling in this method, let’s move on to some tips that will help you along this process..

Selling a house as isGet An Inspection On The House Being Sold

Now..I know that you’re thinking, “Why would I need to get s home inspection, if I’m selling my house as is..?”

And that is a great question!

The point of the home inspection is to get an honest assessment on repairs that need to be made by the incoming buyer. This especially important if you’re selling a house that’s in poor condition. As the owner of the home, you’re probably very familiar with the limitations of your house, but be careful not to make any assumptions regarding the repairs that are needed. This is why the home inspection is so valuable; it takes the guesswork out of what needs to be fixed in the house.

You will also be favored by anyone who is interested in buying the home, for being transparent and disclosing this information upfront. The inspection will ease any questions or uncertainty that buyers may have about the house that is being sold. Buyers will also appreciate the fact that you’re you being pro active in getting a home inspection, which will also make the transaction process much smoother, from start to finish.

Get An Estimate From A Reputable Contractor

Getting a home inspection, followed by an estimate on the inspection report go hand in hand.

When getting a proper estimate, be sure that the contractor is reputable, and will stand by their work. A few of the better ways to get into touch with contractors would be through referrals from family, or trusted friends, through classified ads, or websites like Craigslist, or by a simple google search.

If you decide to use classified ads, or Craigslist, or Google, be sure to conduct a thorough interview with the contractor, and get several references to verify their quality of work, and check out their reviews. Taking these measures when getting an estimate will help to ensure  that you are getting the most accurate estimate possible.

If interested buyers aren’t looking to spend an enormous amount of money on repairs, a reputable contractor  may be able to recommend cheaper, quality recommendations to fix up the house.

selling as houses as isPrice Your Home Accordingly

When pricing your home to sell as-is, you want to price it on par with other like homes in or around your neighborhood that have sold recently, preferably  in the last 90 days

When doing your research, make sure that you are using homes that have actually sold, and not homes that are currently on the market. By using the data from homes that have sold, you are pricing your home based on market value, which is the best practice when selling any house, regardless of repairs are being made or not.

If you do not have access to this data, or just don’t feel comfortable without the help of a housing professional, you can contact a local real estate agent who is familiar with your neighborhood, to help you with setting the price for your home.

Marketing A Home When Selling It As Is Condition

If you decide to list with an agent, you’re going to need to market the home to potential buyers. When marketing, focus on the positives of the property. Even though the house may need some repairs, by highlighting the attractive points of the home, buyers will see the property for it’s potential, and not for what it is lacking.

Buyers who are interested in purchasing homes as is, most likely will be looking to fix up the house and sell it for a profit. Another point of emphasis is the description of the house on the actual listing advertisement. Speak to your agent about being as descriptive as possible on the listing. Have them focus on better word choices such as  “screened veranda overlooking a beautifully landscaped garden” instead of “large screened porch”.

Be Flexible With Your Terms

As with any real estate transaction, there may be some give and take regarding the terms, between the buyer and seller. Whenever a home is being sold, as the seller, you want to get every dollar that’s you feel that your home is worth.

That would be perfect, right?

Well unfortunately, selling real estate is far from a perfect science. There are many variables that can change the value of your home, and sometimes these changes are impossible to predict. After you set the price for your home, remember to maintain flexibility when it comes to negotiations.

Whenever a home is put up for sale, the number one priority is to sell that house as fast as possible. Keep this in mind as you work to get your home sold. This doesn’t mean that you will have to drop the price to your home so low that you’re practically giving it away, it just means that keeping an open mind during the sales process will greatly improve your chances of successfully selling your house as quick as possible.

Here’s How We Can Help You

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